Rolling stock leasing that delivers Full-Service-Leasing has become the preferred procurement option for rolling stock for both Private and Public Rail Operators who need access to modern, reliable rolling stock to enable continuing sustainable growth using environmentally friendly solutions, so enhancing the "modal-shift" from road to rail in Europe. European Loc Pool ELP is a joint venture between two reputable, private equity investment companies in Switzerland. ELP was established to service all of Continental Europe with innovative and creative leasing solutions using hybrid locomotives and to offer cost effective and reliable full-service-rolling stock-leasing solutions. At ELP, we offer pricing at competitive rates due to our shareholders’ strength and a unique financial structure, together with the experience and knowledge of the management team. This, coupled with accurate rolling stock valuations, our ability to offer on-site maintenance with performance and availability guarantees and value added services, such as telematics, monitoring, insurance etc., all culminates in market leading solutions. Keeping you on Track Our lease solutions offer customers the following benefits: • Access to new, capital intensive, state-of-the-art hybrid locomotives, which frees up cash and balance sheet capacity; • Most cost-effective lease rates available to improve and increase operations profitability • Reliable and performing rolling stock to ensure consistent delivery and (freight) flow growth; • Avoid asset disposal- and redeployment risks; • Lease payments include all preventative and corrective maintenance costs, heavy maintenance reserves and strategic spare parts to ensure long term reliability; • Available rolling stock to meet short term or interim requirements; • Sale and Lease back and rebuild solutions on your existing fleet. Whether you need new locomotives and wagons, intend to rebuild your existing fleet, consider a sale, refurbishment/upgrade and lease back transaction or simply have a short term requirement, contact us soonest. With our increasing rolling stock fleet, expanding footprint access to finance and locomotives/freight wagons, we are committed to keep our customers on track.